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A prestigious family-owned business that has provided the best electrical services to the Los Angeles area for many years. Our well-trained, certified staff form the backbone of this success. We are there for you! We are fully licensed, bonded, certified, and insured.

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Having a safe and comfortable home can increase your self-esteem and boost your confidence. So when you know that your electrical system is working properly, you have peace of mind that you and your family are well-protected. At the Los Angeles County RG Electric Inc., we understand that the electrician you choose to fix your electrical problem is one of the keys to safety. We would be happy to help you with pre-planned and emergency electrical repairs and installations, so you and the people you love can enjoy a comfortable life.

Why You Should Call RG Electric To Get the Job Done

There are many electrical contractors in LA County, and choosing the right one to fix your electrical problem isn’t easy sometimes. However, the RG Electric team guarantees professional service – here are some reasons why!

Training and Experience – Our electricians have years of training and experience in the industry. Therefore, you can have confidence in what they are doing.

Compliance with NEC Safety – Electrical jobs aren’t safe and should be left to licensed and insured professionals. Our electrical technicians work in line with safety measures to prevent harm.

Proper Installations and Repairs – Whether you need to install lighting or new outlets, our Los Angeles electricians do the job safely and efficiently. They provide good installation jobs, which means you invest money in quality.

Benefits of Hiring RG Electric

If you are in Los Angeles, Google searching for an “electrician near me,” search no more! RG Electric is here to cater to any electrical needs. You will get:

  •       High-quality electrical service
  •       Satisfaction guarantee
  •       Emergency electrical service 24/7
  •       Friendly and courteous electricians
Interesting Facts About Los Angeles County
  • Historically, oil played a dominant role in Los Angeles’ development.
  • The film industry moved to LA to escape Thomas Edison’s patents.
  • The original sign was “Hollywoodland” and not “Hollywood.”
  • LA has the most diverse Buddhist sects in the world.
  • Los Angeles has 11 tunnels under the earth.
  • You live in a city that was the first to measure the speed of light.
  • Santa Monica Ferris wheel is 100% solar powered.
  • Are you a fan of magic tricks? Visit the clubhouse for magicians!
  • Palm trees are not native to Los Angeles.
  • California Roll is Los Angeles’s invention.
  • The internet was born in Los Angeles.

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John D.

“RG electricians came through really quickly on one of our apartment units to replace outlets. They completed the job on time before the new tenants moved in! Very professional and courteous. They also did a very good job with our apartment complex. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

Mike G.

“We were pleased to have Fernando as our electrician. When the power kept going out, again and again, I called them right away. Robert was very informative and polite. He explained everything to us every step of the way. 5 stars for giving us light and heat before the cold weather set it! Thank you!”

Expert Tips

Need electrical repair tips? RG Electric is an expert on electrical installations and repairs. We have collected valuable guides about safety, codes, and other related topics to boost your electrical system know-how.

Have an electrical emergency? Contact us now!

Whether you experience an emergency at home or in your place of work, trust our fast responses and solutions to fix it for you.

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