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Emergency Electrical repairs in Los Angeles

Emergency electrical services are available across any neighborhood of Los Angeles. We can solve any issue related to electricity, such as power outage, elimination of short circuits, troubleshooting current leaks and cable breaks. It is possible to call us even at night to get professional assistance in connecting appliances, upgrading wiring, installing new circuit breakers, and replacing electrical panels.

What Are Emergency Electrical Situations?

An emergency electrical situation arises when you have repeated tripping, burnt breakers, flickering lights, and a burning smell near the outlet or breaker. Among others, these are situations that should be attended to right away.

We also service commercial electrical services. Our emergency electricians are qualified to work with high voltage electrical control panels.

Measures to Be Implemented During Electrical Emergency

We decide to fix the existing problem with electricity, depending on the complexity of the electrical emergency. But, first, let’s consider the most likely scenarios that can occur any time during day or night.

Emergency Services to Fix Power Supply Problems

An emergency may arise in connection with a power outage. The electrician will try to identify the problem and solve it. However, it’s advisable to call an energy service company to ensure the power isn’t shut off because of unpaid bills.

Electrician Services for Shot Circuit

A short circuit occurs when the flow of energy is interrupted from its normal flow. If this happens, you must address a short without delay. Our 24/7 emergency electricians are successfully handling short circuits.

GFCI Tripping

If a GFCI outlet keeps tripping, it’s a sign that there’s a ground fault somewhere in the circuit or moisture invaded the receptacle box. In either case, the RG Electric emergency electricians will come to diagnose the current issues and the GFCI box with special equipment.

24/7 Services to Fix a Broken Cable

Our 24/7 emergency electrician services team will help its clients locate cable breaks using special professional equipment. The search for an open circuit is similar to the search for short circuits. The entire electrical chain undergoes testing for an open circuit, from simple to complex. A broken cable can be caused by a short circuit and a fractured contact or a loose clamp. In some cases, mechanical damage results from wire breakage, such as bending or cable damage, during drilling walls.

Typical Emergency Electrical Services

The most common reasons for emergency electrical services are:

  • Sparking wires and flickering light
  • Smoke and burn wiring odor
  • Voltage fluctuations

Loose wires can trigger popping sounds and hum. In dangerous emergencies, these may be due to voltage drops indicating a break in the neutral conductor in three-phase connections. This is fraught with the damage of appliances, including TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, PCs, laptops, and even mobile phones. RG Electric electricians can eliminate voltage fluctuations stemming from burnout.

In case of heavy smoke and fire hazard, you must immediately turn off the appliance responsible for the smoke and contact the emergency service. Overheated cables and loose wires often cause smoke. You can always rely on our call-on service for fast assistance.

Before The Emergency Electrician Services Team Arrives

When in an electrical emergency, it’s important to respond quickly and contact emergency services as soon as possible. The person who has been electrocuted may be unconscious, have a weak pulse and breathing, and have burns on the body. The affected person should be kept warm, calm, and in a lying position.

Whether a person received a shock from a line or appliance, it is prohibited to touch that person to avoid getting shocked as well. Instead, the best practice is to turn the power off, call an emergency and local electricity company.

Other 24/7Services We Provide

Although a routine inspection can avoid hazardous situations, sometimes they happen, and all you can do is call emergency electrical services.

Electrical Services for Faulty Home Wiring  

Electrical wires distribute a large amount of electricity, and this is why they are so significant for all of us. There are a handful of wires and cables available as per their specifications and needs. The key and decisive factor for choosing the right cable is safety. The general wiring upgrades our team conducts are the following: hot tub and pool wiring, aluminum wiring, computer wiring, and entertainment center wiring.

Electrical Services for Circuit Breakers

Every home has circuit breakers that can cease the current flow if there’s an overload or a short circuit. If the breaker breaks, it could lead to high amounts of heat in wires, triggering sparks, burns, electrocutions, and fires. A repaired or new breaker can help prevent power surges and interruptions, broken connections, and electrical fires.

Power Outages and Power Surges

A power outage is a hazardous condition that signals that the electrical system processes too much electricity in the wires. For whatever reason this happens, a sudden rise in the voltage can burn out plugged devices and appliances.

Electrical Panels Repair

You can tell your electric panel isn’t functioning properly when appliances stop working, breakers keep tripping, or you hear strange buzzing noises. If this is the case, it’s necessary to seek the assistance of a professional 24/7 emergency electrician.

Electrical Services for Generator Repair

In an emergency, a portable generator helps to maintain comfort at your home. You can continue to run a home business when the utility lines fail. Whether you need a generator repair, you can trust the RG Electric team for a superb service.

Smoke Detectors Repair Service

In a fire, smoke and deadly gases penetrate through spaces very fast. Many fatalities happen when people are asleep, unaware of the fire until it’s too late to escape. A smoke detector, on the other hand, helps to sense smoke. It is advisable to repair smoke detectors every five years to ensure their safety. Whether you need to inspect and replace smoke detectors, our team is available all the time.

Electrical Switches & Outlet Repairs Service

Do plugs fall out easily from outlets? Do you see sparks when plugging or unplugging appliances? These are warning signs that switches and outlets need to be repaired or replaced for the safety of your home and family. In addition, we can install GFCI outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors to prevent electric shocks.

Electrical Lighting Repairs Service

RG Electrics can install outdoor lighting to boost energy efficiency in your home. We also offer good indoor lighting options to fit your aesthetic preferences as well. So whether your lighting is damaged, or you’d like to upgrade the old lighting system with something more cost-effective, we can help.

Fault Location and Repair Service

Short circuit and open circuits are considered fault current flows. If this happens, you need professional assistance to detect fault location and source. Once the source is known, it will be easier to conduct proper repair service to circumvent further damages, fire hazards, and power interruption.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

The most dangerous fan problems are associated with flickering lights and wobbly fans. Our professional electricians will reveal the exact issues and provide impeccable and accurate ceiling fan installation and repair.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services in Los Angeles

RG Electric is committed to finding ways and means to make our customers’ lives more comfortable, thus operating round-the-clock in the Los Angeles Metro area. We have a team on duty during night shifts, so you can trust our 24/7 emergency electrical services and be sure that we’ll bring you the best electrical repairs and installations

RG Electricals works round the clock, and we dispatch a team to your home/office as soon as you notify us.

We have a 24-hour service available so do not hesitate to call us even at odd hours of the night.

Short-circuiting is when an electric current flows down the wrong path with little to no electrical resistance.

Expert Tips

Need an electrician near you? RG Electric has electricians on its board that acquire extensive experience in electrical installation and repairs. The tips we share reflect their expertise to help you avoid dangerous situations. Don’t hesitate to contact our local electricians for any questions or concerns regarding your wiring. We’ve got you covered!

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