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Smoke Detectors Services in Los Angeles

Smoke Detectors Services

Are you trying to protect your house and family from the hazards of fire and smoke? If so, chances are that you understand the important role of smoke detector installation for your and your family’s safety.

The truth is that installing smoke detectors is necessary for every home and business since carbon monoxide and fires threaten people’s lives. A smoke and carbon monoxide detector will warn you if there are gas leaks or if the temperature is excessively high.

You may get insurance, feel secure, and maintain your alertness with the use of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you live in Los Angeles, RG Electric will save you the time and stress of completing the job yourself, and you will also be guaranteed a high-quality installation, so you know your detectors will be alert and always there when required.

How to Install a Smoke Detector? – Tips from RG Electric

The frequent question that concerns most of our clients is how to install smoke detectors. If you think of smoke detector installation, the following suggestions will help you plan your installation journey. 

Installing smoke detectors isn’t hard, but it takes some nerve and patience. For successful smoke detector installation, we have some tips for you:

  • Pick smoke alarms from an accredited testing facility and don’t get them from untrustworthy companies.
  • Install alarms in the living room, next to the stairwell leading to the higher floor, or in both locations on levels without bedrooms.
  • To reduce false alerts, smoke detectors should be positioned at least 8 to 10 feet away from cooking equipment.
  • If your ceilings are sloped, place the alarm 3 feet from the peak.
  • Smoke detectors are better mounted on the ceiling at the bottom of the steps leading to the upper level if they are in the basement.
  • Install smoke detectors high on the walls or ceilings. Alarms positioned on walls should not be more than 10-12 inches from the ceiling.
  • The alarms will not function if they are covered in paint, stickers, or other decorations, so avoid painting smoke detectors.
  • All smoke alarms should be interconnected for effective protection.
  • Dual sensor smoke alarms, commonly known as combination ionization-photoelectric alarms, are suggested for the best protection.

When Do You Need to Replace a Smoke Detector?

The typical lifespan of a smoke detector is ten years. You should change your smoke detector every ten years, even if it seems to be functioning fine. If the house you have purchased or rented already has smoke detectors installed, verify the manufacturing date on the device to determine its lifespan. If you can’t provide this kind of information, it is preferable to buy and install a new smoke detector. 

If your smoke detector unreasonably starts making noises, it’s also a sign that you need to get a new one. Or you can repair the old one, but the majority of individuals choose to replace a smoke detector rather than have it repaired due to its importance for safety.

Why Is A Carbon Monoxide Detector Essential?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that is formed as a byproduct of combustion. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and lethal. Since a carbon monoxide leak cannot be found without a carbon monoxide detector, it is dangerous.

When fuel-burning appliances and gadgets do not entirely burn the fuel source, carbon monoxide leaks happen. Some of the most frequently used CO-producing devices that people use in their houses are:

  • Cars
  • Woodstoves and fireplaces
  • Grills that use coal
  • Furnaces that burn fuel (non-electric)
  • Gas ranges
  • Warmers

Reasons to Hire RG Electrician for Smoke Detector Installation

After learning the fundamentals of smoke detectors, let’s now find proper smoke detector services. It is important to discuss whether or not employing an electrician is necessary for it. While certain tasks are straightforward enough for the typical individual to complete on their own, we don’t believe smoke detector installation falls into this category.

Here are some reasons why you should hire RG Electric for smoke detector installations:

Easier Decision: 

Smoke detectors vary, and which smoke detector you select is crucial. Our electricians are aware of the security terms and code-compliant models. They are likely to recommend equipment that is of professional grade and has received favorable reviews for reliability and safety.

Better opportunity for choosing the ideal location: 

Where to install smoke detectors is a very frequent question. There are several recommendations regarding where to put them, how far they should be from the kitchen, and how many should be spread around the home. 

When determining the ideal location for the gadgets, RG electricians may consider your particular property because they have easy access to this information.

Save more money:

Skilled electricians from RG Electric may save you a lot of money. A project done incorrectly might be risky and overcharge customers. Poor wiring may result in costly repairs, and depending on where you live, it may also result in significant fines for code violations.

Fix multiple problems: 

Maybe you have a light that keeps flickering, a breaker that keeps tripping, or an outlet that comes and goes. Having an electrician look at any further issues when you are having your smoke detector fixed is a good idea.

Trustworthy Company: 

RG Electric has been installing smoke detectors in homes and businesses for more than ten years. Your safety is our top priority, so we ensure that only our certified professional team conducts any installations.

Install Smoke Detectors to Save Your House from Fire!

Our houses are full of electric wires, different equipment, and technology, and even though they are considered safe, there’s always a chance that something will happen that will cause a fire. 

You would assume that it should be simple for you to recognize smoke on your own, but smoke frequently goes unnoticed. Smoke detector installation will help you avoid possible complications and stay safe. 

If you don’t have a smoke detector or it doesn’t work properly, contact the RG Electric team as soon as possible, and we will ensure that you and your family are safe.

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