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Smoke Detectors Services in Los Angeles

We believe that every household or organization should have a smoke detector because fire and carbon monoxide leaks pose real dangers to human life. Installing a smoke and carbon monoxide detector will alert you of such gas leakages or if the temperature is dangerously too high. 

Emergencies can happen around any time, especially ones that can endanger your life. For example, fires and carbon monoxide leaks can occur at night when we are fast asleep. Unfortunately, many people have been killed in their sleep because of such occurrences. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help you stay alert, give you insurance, and assure you of your safety.

Smoke Detectors Services

The Need for a Smoke Detector

You will think that it should be easy to detect smoke on your own, but smoke can often go undetected. It is impossible to detect yourself with carbon monoxide because it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-irritating gas. Its unique characteristics have earned it the nickname “the silent killer.” When you notice smoke or a fire, it might have already caused irreversible damage to your home.

Once a fire starts, it will trigger your smoke detector to go off, alerting you in time to call for help and exit the building. However, most people without smoke detectors do not immediately wake up when a fire starts and when they do, it can be too late. 

A smoke detector is loud enough to wake you up and alert you to the presence of smoke. A smoke detector has been proven and tested to be effective in limiting damage to property and life. So if you need one installed in your home or office, contact RG Electric. 

Why A Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Essential

A Carbon monoxide leakage means death for victims because it is impossible to detect without a Carbon monoxide detector.

Carbon monoxide leaks occur when fuel-burning appliances and devices do not completely burn the fuel source. Appliances like furnaces and space heaters often rely on gas and other fuel sources that can produce carbon monoxide if not fully and wholly burned.

When carbon monoxide fills a room for an extended period, individuals will begin to develop symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Where You Should Place Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is best to install your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in places where you spend the most time. For example, your bedrooms, hallways, kitchen, etc. In addition, we advise individuals to install detectors in common areas; that way, everyone in the household will be alerted during a gas leak. 

For a safer bet, install your detectors on each floor of your home or office. Catch any issues early and ensure that your home is protected by installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Let RG Electric handle your smoke/Carbon monoxide detector installations.

RG Electric has been installing smoke detectors for homes and offices for over a decade. We prioritize your safety above everything by ensuring that all installations are handled by our team of licensed technicians.

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