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We are a Long Beach Electric Company, so RG Electric is a good choice if you are on the lookout for a trustworthy electrician in your area. We take on small and large jobs, from installing light switches to providing comprehensive wiring and panel upgrading for your home. Our team also undertakes work for commercial and residential clients. Besides, we cater to any required electrical work for renovation and new build projects.

When you choose Long Beach RG Electric services, you’ll avail of more than 7 years’ worth of industry experience. Our electricians are fully qualified, and they adhere to all the California state standards.

Looking for Skilled Electric Company?

Finding experienced electricians you can trust to do a job right can be not easy for homeowners in Long Beach, CA. There are many things to be mindful of when deciding on a qualified electrical contractor, and experience is a top priority. As you trust a company to provide professional service for your home, you must ensure that the company has satisfied local customers. It’s also crucial that the electrical contractor you hire is available 24/7 so you avoid lengthy delays and unfinished work in your home.

An electrician should be able to provide different types of projects in Long Beach, CA, including:

Other frequently requested services include:

Choosing a Commercial Electrician

Homeowners who need electricians for their commercial business at your home in Long Beach, CA, should be eyeing a couple of key characteristics. First, finding a licensed commercial electrical contractor with expertise in the area can give you a more rewarding experience.

Secondly, a seasoned electrician should have several years in commercial electrical services and a higher qualification than a residential electrician. This is because commercial electricians work with three-phase systems that require more knowledge to set up and install.

Regardless of the type of business, a company should service electrical installation, maintenance, upgrade, and repair service for all kinds of commercial premises. They should have the best equipment to guarantee the work is completed to the highest standard. 

Long Beach Electric Company Emergency Repairs

Sudden electric emergencies might be scary. If you are experiencing an emergency, contact Long Beach RG Electric. We provide 24/7 emergency electrical services. Our electricians are fully equipped to operate under any conditions in an emergency. They will give you a prompt response so that your issues can be solved quickly.

EV Charger Installation

With a 466,779 (2019) population, Long Beach has only 317 public charging stations ports (Level 2 and Level 3) within 15 km. Consequently, more people need charging stations at their homes. There’re many options of EV charging stations, and clients can be sure that they’ll find one that meets their needs. The expert electricians at Long Beach Electric company of RG Electric can perform EV charger installations for residential homes and commercial businesses around the area.

Committed to Service

At Long Beach, clients with various electrical problems have always received superb services from the experienced electricians serving on our payroll for several years. With their treasured know-how, we have constantly offered electrical services to homes, offices, and shops. In addition, our Long Beach clients are heartily impressed with the high safety assurance measures we incorporate into our processes.

At RG Electric, we pride ourselves on the outstanding level of customer service. This means regardless of your electrical requirements we will find a tailored solution to meet them. We always arrive on time and always clean up after ourselves.

Long Beach Electric Company Licensure

Every member of RG Electric company met the minimum criteria to operate deemed by California state. Even more, some electricians have certification on top of their license, which means that the electric company of Long Beach has gone above and beyond the standard requirements. As technology gets more advanced, certifications serve as clear signs that an electrician is prepared to service its clients’ specific and changing needs.

Renewable Energy

RG Electric is committed to California’s goal to use solar energy for a clean environment. Here are a few tips to reduce electric power consumption in favor of renewable energy:

  • Recharge your device while you sleep, so your devices are fully charged with cleaner energy when you wake up.
  • Do your dishes and laundry after 9 PM or the following day to do your chores with cleaner energy.
  • Turn off and unplug your devices during 1-9 PM to ensure you are utilizing clean energy.
  • Set your thermostat to 67 degrees or even lower from 4 PM to 9 PM to save money
  • Automate your heater to turn on and off at the perfect time while you’re away.


How much does a licensed electrician cost per hour in Long Beach?

The mediate rate per hour for an electrician is $75, but the price might vary depending on the level of the job and the materials needed. Your location and the project’s total cost will determine an hourly rate of performing electrical work. You can contact Long Beach RG Electric to receive the best quotes. 

How quickly can a Long Beach Electric Company come?

Long Beach RG Electric is headquartered at the following address: 4924 Balboa Blvd, Encino. It will take about 45-50 minutes to arrive in Long Beach.

Who issues licenses for electricians in California?

The Department of Consumer Affairs and Contractors State License Board issues certifications and licenses to electricians.

Can I do electrical work myself in Long Beach, CA?

You can legally do simple work, such as changing bulbs or switches; however, something like changing the main breaker or panel would typically involve a professional electrician. Please remember that even simple electric repairs are dangerous, and any mistake can cause a fire hazard. Getting a licensed electrician means you save yourself from potential dangers.

Who is an electricity provider in California?

The main electricity supply company in California is Southern California Edison, the largest branch of Edison International.

How much of California’s energy has been renewable in 2021?

As of April 29, 2021, according to Boiling Point, California reached nearly 95% renewable energy.

Expert Tips

Need an electrician near you? RG Electric has electricians on its board that acquire extensive experience in electrical installation and repairs. The tips we share reflect their expertise to help you avoid dangerous situations. Don’t hesitate to contact our local electricians for any questions or concerns regarding your wiring. We’ve got you covered!

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