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Long Beach Electric services

At RG Electric Company, we provide the best and affordable electrical services in Long Beach in California. As an experienced family-owned business, we agree and believe that electrical systems wear and tear over prolonged usage. As a result, modern appliances cannot escape natural degradation, even though they have been carefully designed to withstand such issues as much as possible. 

We have the best electricians in Long Beach.

At Long Beach, clients with various electrical problems have always received superb services from the experienced electricians serving on our payroll for several years. With their treasured know-how, we have constantly offered electrical services to homes, offices, and shops. In addition, our clients in Long Beach are heartily impressed with the high safety assurance measures we incorporate into our processes.

Electrical Installations And Repair

RG Electric Company offers electrical services encompassing fixing outlets for you basic appliances such as lamps and standing fans all through to way to whole house wiring. 

Have you encountered an unexpected fault with one of your appliances putting you in a tight spot, and do you need an emergency fix? Be rest assured because we are always available to ease your trouble. Get in touch with us, and an electrician will be at your doorstep for the repairs. 

Electrical Inspections & Code Compliance

We also provide electrical inspection and code compliance services to ensure your home is safe and as reliable as possible by complying with National Electric Code (NEC). There are specific-rated electrical systems and appliances designed not to handle current above a set point. If a higher current were to pass through them, they would be damaged.

 Electrician Installation and repair services:

Circuit Breakers, Wiring & Electrical Panel

We can install circuit breakers that automatically shield such devices from high currents of electricity, preserving them for prolonged use. Our electricians can also efficiently install ceiling fans wherever you need them in your home or office. They can diagnose and fix faulty fans with ease too. Do you need to stationing and wiring a generator to your house? Don’t sweat it, and we cover those services too. Is there a need for wiring in a room or installing circuitry for lights, AC units, etc., in your house or office? Contact us and trust us to carry this out effectively. Over here, we can deploy electrical panels or distribution boards that divide subsidiary circuits of wiring in your home. We will protect each circuit with individual fuses for defense. 

At RG Electric Company, with our deliverance of high-quality service in your home, office, or shop in Long Beach, be highly confident in solving all your electrical dilemmas. Get in touch with us now and have our competent electricians assist you in solving your electrical problems. Oh, and did we mention the prices are fair too? Yes, you can bet they are. Our services can be rendered same-day, especially with our fully-stocked vehicles always on stand-by, or cover a few days depending on the size of the job.  

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