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Electrical switches and outlets in Los Angeles

RG Electrical services provide customers with a wide range of services meant to leave customers happy and satisfied at the end of the day. Installing and repairing electrical switches and outlets services are one of the many services we offer. We have over a decade of experience, and we are backed by a team that knows their stuff.

Why Electrical Switches And Outlets Are Important

Electrical switches and outlets are some of the essential devices for enjoying electricity in our homes and commercial places. In addition, these devices ensure that all other electrical appliances you would ever use access to electricity. RG Electricals provide electrical switches and outlets installation, repair, and replacement.

Electrical switches and outlets

Installing Electrical outlets

There are many types of electrical outlets in the markets today. Depending on the purpose and the kind of workload it will have to bear, our professionals will advise you when choosing the right electrical outlets. Just no one can do your outlet installation. RG Electricals has well-skilled electricians who will do an excellent job in installing your electrical outlet. However, we can do the installment for you at a great price with quality services you can trust. There are two forms of electrical outlets. They include the Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) or the regular electrical outlets. GFCI has automatic sensors that cut off power to prevent shock; this can prove helpful for homes with children in them.

Installing electrical switch

After you install an electrical outlet, there would be a need to install an electrical switch. These electrical switches will allow power to flow out of your electrical outlets into your devices to enable you to start using them. Our electricians are excellent at their craft, and that includes installing an electrical outlet. When it comes to electrical switches, you can be sure to find many different types, but there are four main types, which are Single Pole Single Throw(SPST), Single Pole Double Throw(SPDT), Double Pole, Single Throw(DPST) and Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT).

Replace Outlets

With frequent use and time, electrical outlets become faulty and would need replacement. You should replace outlets when they are outdated or can’t keep up with your modern home devices. Therefore, we offer after installment services where we come in to replace and do a maintenance check on your electrical outlets and switches.

The cost may vary depending on the kind of work, but it can range from $150 to $300. However, an outlet repair may be on the cheaper or pricey side, depending on who does the job.

Signs like charring, burn marks, or discoloration on your outlet are indications of a faulty outlet.

Yes, GFCIs have significantly reduced the risk of electrocution.

If your light flickers, put the switch on and off and check to see if the problem will resolve. If it does, your switch may be faulty.

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