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LA Metro Area Electric services

When we talk about the home of excellent electrical services, RG Electric Company comes to the lips of many. RG Electric Company is a family-owned business that strives to provide the best electrical services in the LA Metro area. The experience of our well-learned and equipped electricians is a force to reckon with when it comes to meeting the electrical needs of our cherished customers. We have skilled electricians who have specialized in both domestic and commercial electrical installations. As a result, our clients and customers receive the best services at a reasonable price in the LA Metro area compared to some of our competitors. We specialize in electrical installations, repair, and maintenance in domestic homes and commercial areas.

Need an Emergency Repair?

One of the exceptional services we provide is answering our customers’ calls regarding emergency repairs. Although the unexpected breakdown of an electronic device or installation can be frustrating, we at RG Electric say worry no more.

Electrical Inspections & Code Compliance

We also offer consultations and electrical inspections, and code compliance to ensure that your building is safe and on the good side of the law.

The following are some of the services RG Electric has to offer:

Circuit Breakers & Ceiling Fans

We also install circuit breakers that are meant to protect your devices from extreme currents that have the potential to damage them. We can diagnose and fix faulty fans quickly, too. So when it comes to their various installation, we’ve got you covered.

Wiring & Electrical Panel 

Maybe you need to have your whole house or commercial area to be wired or rewired. We offer such services with great professionalism from our electricians. We also can provide electrical panels that will ensure the various circuits in your home or work area are protected with fuse or circuit breakers.

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