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Santa Monica Electric services

RG Electric Company is a family-owned business that strives to provide the best electrical services in the Santa Monica area. We have, over the years, gathered experience with our well-skilled and knowledgeable electricians. And consistently provided reliable and excellent services through our company to our customers and clients for several years. Our electrician’s varied expertise translates to quick delivery of electrical services in both home and commercial contexts to meet all our needs at fair prices. In Santa Monica, our clients have been pleased with the high safety assurance we incorporate in our electrical works. We specialize in fixing outlets to fix your new standing fan, all the way to the whole house wiring.

Need an Emergency Repair?

No matter how good an electronic device or installation is, they have the potential of breaking down at unexpected hours. Maybe you have not planned to have a form of installation done, but then you realize you need one badly. We are always one call away. Just pick up your phone and call us, and our team of great electricians will be at your doorstep.

Electrical Inspections & Code Compliance

We also offer electrical inspections and code compliance. We ensure your home and workplace are safe and as reliable as possible by complying with National Electric Code (NEC). Therefore, it is vital to have your house or commercial area inspected from time to time to ensure that everything is working just fine.

Electrician Installation and repair services:

Circuit Breakers & Ceiling Fans

We also install circuit breakers that are meant to protect your devices from extreme currents that have the potential to damage them. We can diagnose and fix faulty fans quickly too. Finally, are you in need of installing and wiring a purchased generator to your house? Look no further; you can rely on us to fulfill these pressing needs.

Wiring & Electrical Panel 

Maybe you need to have your whole house or commercial area to be wired or rewired. We offer such services with outstanding professionalism from our electricians. We also can provide electrical panels that will ensure the various circuits in your home or work area are protected with fuse or circuit breakers.

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