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When you let Santa Monica electricians into your home, you can be sure that you’ll get the highest quality of service from a crew who is there to complete all work from A to Z and the highest standards. Every project we undertake will be implemented under your consent, accompanied by a detailed explanation of services because transparency and integrity are in our ethics.

RG electricians operate under strict codes that guarantee satisfaction and service quality. We offer residential, commercial, and emergency electrician services.

Finding Professional and Experienced Santa Monica Electricians

Hiring expert electricians you can rely on carrying out a project can be difficult for homeowners in Santa Monica, CA. You can start with a Google search, and the results should give you a list of companies near you. A trustworthy electrical company must only be working with licensed and certified subcontractors. Besides, their quote should be fair and competitive.

Some electrical work requires specialization. For example, an electrician should have knowledge about solar technology to install solar panels. Similarly, if a client needs an outdoor sign or billboard, he’ll call for an electrician specializing in installing outdoor signs. As you trust a company to service your home’s electrical systems, check out feedback about them.

Santa Monica electricians don’t have credibility gaps. Even more, we are available 24/7
should you have any emergency that has to be addressed immediately. The services cover the following works:

Electrical panel upgrades
Electrical repairs
Circuit breakers
Wiring services
Electrical switches and outlets
Whole House Surge Protectors

Other common services include:

Smoke detector installation
Indoor lighting
Outdoor lighting installation
Ceiling fan installation & repairs

Santa Monica Commercial Electric Services

Santa Monica electricians are practicing general electricians that can work not only on residential projects but commercial as well. This means to get certified, they have 8,000 hours of hands-on experience and completed 720 hours of instruction. They can wire new builds, update the electrical systems on older homes, make repairs and small renovations.

What else can they do? We’ve seen a trend with commercial buildings going green. So we can send a crew to install a solar system. Another tendency with businesses is replacing lighting fixtures with those made of LED light bulbs that save money than just using the bulbs in the existing socket.

Solving Emergency Issues

Electrical issues can suddenly occur at any time and day and often need to be fixed right away. We know how disappointing it can be having to wait for an electrician to come during working hours, which is why we have emergency electricians available in Santa Monica.

RG Electric has been providing excellent services in various areas of Los Angeles. Whatever the day of the week, whatever the time, we’ll be able to solve any emergency electrical issues.

RG Electric’s Experience with EV Charger Installation

If you own an electric vehicle and still don’t have your own personal EV charging station, Santa Monica electricians are skilled enough to provide you with the service you need to get your EV charger installed in your home. You can choose from Tesla, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Ford, and Chevrolet chargers.

With a home EV charging station, you won’t need to search for a public charger. Instead, you’ll save money and time and boost safety and convenience.

Commitment to Clients

The main objective of RG Electric is to build a relationship with every client based on high-quality service done with professional integrity. We aspire to be transparent on our quotes, solve electrical issues and ensure client satisfaction with quality service.

Santa Monica electricians of RG pride themselves on the exceptional level of customer service. This means that whatever your electrical requirements are, we’ll come up with a tailored solution to meet them. In addition, we are always punctual and always clean up after ourselves.

Our Tips On Renewable Energy

RG Electric supports California’s goal to transition to renewable energy. Here are a few tips to reduce electric power consumption in favor of green energy:
• Turn the thermostat down 1 degree and save around 13% of space heating energy
• Lower temperature when no one is home during office hours
• Switch to renewable sources of energy
• Replace light bulbs with LEDs

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