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Circuit Breaker Repair in Los Angeles, CA

Install, Update & Modernize to Keep Your Home Safe

If you’re also looking for efficient circuit breaker services in LA, you must ensure you work with a qualified electric company. Working with RG Electric professionals guarantees that your circuit breakers are properly fixed, installed, or maintained

Our circuit breaker service specialists follow the strictest industry guidelines and adhere to all local and national regulations.

Circuit Breakers Services

Why Should You Update An Old Circuit Breaker?

Old circuit breakers must be replaced or repaired if you want to keep your house secure and reliable, especially if you have a lot of power needs. Overloaded circuit breakers cause the majority of electrical issues resulting from structure fires.

It’s critical to keep in mind that circuit breakers in older homes were not intended to support the simultaneous use of power, but that’s the reality of modern life. That’s why we’re sure it’s the right time to think about replacing your circuit breaker if you frequently find yourself disconnecting one gadget to plug in another. 

When Do You Need to Replace a Circuit Breaker? 

Circuit overloads currently put a lot of strain on circuit breakers. To avoid damage or, worse yet, the possibility of a fire developing, you should replace outdated circuit breakers as soon as possible. Look out for those signs to know if your circuit breaker needs to be replaced:

  • Your circuit breaker is old
  • There is a burning smell
  • A panel is often hot when you touch it
  • You notice a burned area or black spot on the panel
  • A breaker trips while plugging in a specific appliance

Our qualified electricians will go over your alternatives with you and assist you in making the best decision. It takes a trained and qualified person to replace a faulty circuit breaker. The team of RC Electric has developed a reputation for managing electrical parts like breakers. This means that you can trust us and let us install, update, or modernize circuit breakers at your home.

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Services for Home at RG Electric

While some people just switch their circuit breakers on and off to solve this issue, this is only a temporary fix. Call in professionals at RG Electric with experience installing, upgrading, or maintaining a circuit breaker panel box instead of adopting this temporary fix. 


If you’re planning to install circuit breakers in your house, keep in mind that it is recommended to engage a specialist. When installing a circuit breaker, we suggest going with a contemporary design

An improved circuit breaker can handle the ever-growing amount of electrical technology we use in our homes, offices, and companies. Our valued clients receive a customized installation service from RG Electric.

Repair & Maintenance

We provide after-sales or installation services to guarantee your satisfaction after installing circuit breakers in your house or place of business. 

RG Electric’s maintenance and repair services include: 

  • Enhancing the life cycle performance of the circuit breaker.
  • Maintenance in advance
  • Condition-based upkeep
  • Repair and troubleshooting
  • Management of the dying

Upgrade & Modernization

With its technological know-how, RG Electric can supply specifically engineered solutions. Renovation and overhaul are used to lengthen the useful life of equipment, while modernization is used to address aging equipment obsolescence. 

Our upgrade & modernization service includes:

  • Conducting the circuit breaker overhaul.
  • Analyzing and replacing the indicated parts
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology
  • Reducing intervention time 
  • Installing more poles and bays

Secondary Injection Test

Do you know why secondary injection test trip units are critical during a breaker service? It involves attaching a secondary injection test set to a circuit breaker trip unit and injecting a simulated current to demonstrate that it operates at various voltage levels.

We may check if the trip unit, its settings or factory parameters, and related components are functioning properly by attaching one of our many various manufacturer’s secondary injection test sets. As the circuit breaker is frequently charged, closed, and opened, it is also a crucial test for a circuit breaker’s mechanical service and inspection.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace?

The average cost to replace outdated and damaged circuit breakers can range from $500 for a straightforward project to $2000 or more, depending on the work’s complexity. You can get a free price quote for your project from our staff.

However, you shouldn’t anticipate paying as much as replacing an entire panel if you only want to replace the circuit breaker switch. Costs for replacing a circuit breaker switch range from $100 to $200

Considering this, RG Electric offers reasonable prices compared to other companies and ensures the best possible service.

RG Electric will Keep Your Home Safe & Secure!

RG Electric stands apart from other electricians because we are committed to leaving your home safer than when we arrived. Because we are expert problem-solvers and troubleshooters, we will take action to remedy any electrical system dangers we find in your home. 

This guarantees that your electrical system will be entirely secure, trustworthy, and ready for constant usage when we leave. All of our technicians are courteous and helpful and have undergone background checks and tests. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you feel the need to change your circuit breaker.

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Circuit breakers often get damaged due to handling an overload beyond their capacity.

It is best to change circuit breakers as soon as you notice a fault or every 10 to 15 years.

Circuit breakers have a long life span of 35 to 40 years; you need to maintain it within this lifespan adequately.

Yes, it’s best to let a qualified electrician replace your damaged circuit breaker. Doing it yourself can cause further damages.

RG Electric operates in Los Angeles and is number one in delivering quality electrical services.

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Need an electrician near you? RG Electric has electricians on its board that acquire extensive experience in electrical installation and repairs. The tips we share reflect their expertise to help you avoid dangerous situations. Don’t hesitate to contact our local electricians for any questions or concerns regarding your wiring. We’ve got you covered!

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