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Whole House Surge Protectors Services in Los Angeles

The RG Electric Company is a family-owned and operated company. We aim to please you, and your safety and satisfaction are our priority. We can dispatch an electrician with over ten years of experience to your location with a single phone call. RG Electric offers excellent whole house surge protectors services at affordable and reasonable prices with no hidden charges. 

Everything You Need To Know About Surge Protectors

If you do not already know what surge protectors are and are wondering; What is a power surge? What is a surge protector? What then is a whole house surge protector? Well, when the flow of electricity is halted and then restarted, or when anything sends electricity flowing back into the system, power surges can occur. Lightning strikes, power line damage, malfunctioning appliances, and shoddy electrical wiring in the home can all create electrical surges. While a single surge lasts only a fraction of a second, frequent surges can do severe damage to the electrical components in your home, reducing their life expectancy. 

Surge Protectors

Power surges can produce “electronic rust,” which causes inside circuitry to gradually deteriorate until it collapses. Small surges leave no visible evidence, so you might not even realize they’re happening – even if they happen dozens or hundreds of times every day. The most effective way to protect your electronics from surge damage is to plug them into power surge protectors. 

According to many homeowners, surface protection begins and ends when they plug their computer into a power strip. Regrettably, this is rarely the case. As a result, you can’t rely on power strips to keep your home and equipment secure. Instead, a surge protector that snaps in place is a more comprehensive and durable option than using power strips. Surge protection for your entire home is provided by a single surge protector or a surge protector breaker. For this reason, they’re known as “whole-house surge protectors.”

What Are The Benefits of Surge Protectors

Surge protection is beneficial to homeowners since it provides low-cost insurance for a central air conditioning system. Some surge protectors can withstand surge currents of up to 100,000 amps and come with a lifetime warranty and a $1,000 connected equipment warranty. Surge protection is simple to install and can be quickly done by our electricians. There are several benefits of whole-house protectors, some include;

  • Extends the Life of Appliances and Electronics: A surge in voltage might ruin your home’s appliances and electrical devices. An arc of electrical current can be caused by increasing the voltage over the appliance’s standard operating voltage. It can reduce the life expectancy of appliances and electronics by a year or more.
  • Saving you money: A voltage surge can harm appliances and electrical devices in your home. Electrical surges can overload and short out the circuit board of your home or office gadgets in an instant. In addition, power surges can cause your electrical devices to stop operating if they frequently occur, which means you’ll have to pay more money and replace the equipment sooner than necessary.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs: In general, you should budget between 1% and 4% of your home’s worth for maintenance each year. If your property costs $200,000, meaning ideally, you need to set aside anything from $2,000 to $8,000 for annual maintenance. If you think this is terrible, prepare your wallet because expenses for care will rise due to power surges. By installing a surge protector, you will be preventing these rises in maintenance costs.
  • Reduces wasted energy: The majority of homes use 120 volts, 60 hertz, single phase, alternating current electricity. During a power surge, the voltage can rise over the 169-volt peak. It is considered an unnecessary and wasteful use of energy; using protectors will prevent this kind of waste.


By installing modern surge protection, RG Electric can significantly lower the likelihood of a system failure. Surge protection provides you with peace of mind by ensuring that all of your gadgets are safe and secure, even when you are not at home. The organization has a staff of experienced electricians that can complete the surge protection installation quickly.

Check your surge protector for a red or green blinking light on the outside of the device. If you notice some flashing, you might need a new one.

The average lifespan of a surge protector is three to five years. Therefore, we recommend replacing your surge protectors as often as every two years.

You need a surge protector because a power spike or power surge could damage your electronic devices and appliances.

Power strip helps you plug multiple devices into one outlet. A surge protector is a type of power strip that can withstand a power surge and protect your electronics.

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