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Electrical installations are a crucial part of a housing project. Electricity is the most consumed form of energy in every part of the world. It is essential that when constructing a building for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, you must ensure that every connection is made properly.

Every electrical project is different from the other. As a result, serious thought must be given to the uniqueness of each project. Working with electricity can be dangerous if it is not well handled.

Several safety measures must be strictly adhered to in every electrical project. So it would be best if you found a licensed and trusted electrical contractor like RG-Electric to handle your electrical installations.

In some countries, strict guidelines must be followed in carrying out certain types of electric services. So you must look out for an electrical company that understands the local regulations surrounding electrical installations.

If you live in downtown LA and are wondering about the types of electric services you can get, this guide is for you. 

Types Of Electric Services In Downtown LA

Downtown Los Angeles ( DTLA) is the central business district of Los Angeles, California. It contains a huge residential area and business districts, which puts electric services in high demand. Let us look at the major types of electric services in downtown LA. 

1. Residential Installations 

Residential electrical installations are services that serve houses. Below are some common residential electric services in downtown LA. 

  • Outdoor and indoor lighting: Residential electric professionals have the skills and knowledge to handle outdoor and indoor lighting. 
  • Ceiling fan installation and repairs: A professional electrical contractor can access your fan’s components and connections and deliver a repair in a quick time. If there is a need for a replacement, a residential electric professional can select a replacement and install it. 
  • Electrical panel upgrades: This service entails upgrading your existing electrical panel to a new one with new circuit breakers. 
  • Wiring services: Home wiring services vary from electrical wiring for lighting and power distribution to permanently installed appliances and other systems in the home. 
  • Smoke detector installations: A well-trained electric professional knows the right location to install a smoke detector. You must note that properly installed smoke detectors are critical to smoke detectors functioning efficiently.
  • Electrical repairs: Electrical repairs cover many electrical services that include changing over a broken socket or breaker and emergency electrical repairs.

2. Commercial Installations 

Commercial electric installations cover several commercial areas and structures such as offices, shopping malls, industrial factories, hospitals, and schools. Commercial electric services in Downtown LA includes the following: 

  • Installation of security and safety systems such as cameras. 
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting 
  • Fire alarms and smoke detector installation
  • Communication system installation such as intercoms. 

 Commercial installations are very different from residential installations as they require a higher level of voltage and phase power. While residential installations require single-phase power, commercial wiring requires 3 phase power.

Commercial installations require the skills of experienced electricians, who must take utmost caution to ensure that the circuit breaker does not face an overload. 

Choose The Right Company In Downtown LA 

Begin by making a quick search on electric services companies in downtown LA. Bear in mind that the company you opt for must have a license.

Ensure you look out for reviews from trusted platforms before making your selection. Demand to see work samples of previous jobs to help you understand the experience level of the electrical. 

Best Electric Service Company

RG Electric offers both residential and commercial electrical installations in downtown LA. We are proud to say that our name is synonymous with high-quality electric installations that are efficient and fast.

 Our team of licensed and well-trained electricians is always on the ground to make sure we give you nothing but the best. 

We help evaluate your project and provide useful tips on the best ways to conserve energy and save costs by migrating to energy-efficient lighting.

In addition, we manage all aspects of your project and insist on adhering to all safety guidelines—request our well-laid out and concise estimates to give you a complete breakdown of what you expect. 

Expert Tips

Need electrical repair tips? RG Electric is an expert on electrical installations and repairs. We have collected valuable guides about safety, codes, and other related topics to boost your electrical system know-how.

Have an electrical emergency? Contact us now!

Whether you experience an emergency at home or in your place of work, trust our fast responses and solutions to fix it for you.

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