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Culver City Electric services

RG Electric Company is a family-owned business that strives to provide the best electrical services in the Culver City area. We have repeatedly achieved reliable and excellent services due to the very experienced electricians serving our company for several years – this is an open secret to our prestige. Their varied expertise translates to quick delivery of electrical services in both home and commercial contexts at fair prices. In Culver City, our clients have been pleased with the high safety assurance we incorporate in our electrical works. We specialize in fixing outlets to fix your new standing fan, all the way to whole house wiring.

Need An Emergency Repair?

Has that relatively new flat-screen television have an unexpected fault and need an emergency repair? Or do you have an issue with any other electrical device and require repairs? Don’t worry; you can count on us. Immediately contact us, and we will do your repairs in no time after an electrician is dispatched to you. 

Electrical Inspections & Code Compliance

We also offer electrical inspections and code compliance. We ensure your home is safe and as reliable as possible by complying with National Electric Code (NEC). For example, some electrical systems are designed not to handle a lot of currents. So if a high current were to pass through them, they would short circuit or be damaged.

 Electrician Installation and repair services:

Circuit Breakers & Ceiling Fans

We can install circuit breakers that automatically shield such devices from high electricity spikes, preserving them for extended use. Our prized handymen are also capable of efficiently installing ceiling fans wherever you need them in your home. We can diagnose and fix faulty fans quickly too. Finally, are you in need of installing and wiring a purchased generator to your house? Look no further; you can rely on us to fulfill these pressing needs. 

Wiring & Electrical Panel

Finally, suppose you need wiring or rewiring circuitry in a room or your whole house. In that case, this exercise can be carried out effectively by us. Here, we can station electrical panels which divide subsidiary circuits of wiring in your home. We will protect each circuit with individual fuses for defense. 

At RG Electric Company, you can rest assured of our deliverance of high-quality service in either your home, office, or shop in Culver City. Contact us now and have one of our knowledgeable electricians assist you and solve your problem in good time and at a competitive price. Our services can be same-day, especially with our fully-stocked vehicles always ready on the go or cover a few days depending on the size of the job.  

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