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If you are on the lookout for the best Beverly Hills electrician, you can contact RG Electric. Luckily, whether you need electrical repairs in your home or business office, we can help you out. We also provide a wide range of installations, such as new circuit breakers or panels.

Our electricians are fully certified and licensed to do the work in California. They are ready to attend most jobs in the Los Angeles area within 24 hours.

When you hire us, you can rely on an individual approach. We will consider all the aspects of your project, select the suitable materials and electrical devices (outlets, switches, light fixtures, etc.) and offer a discount.

Booking our services is simple. You can call us and get a quote online. 

Electrical Services for Businesses

A business has to deliver services quickly, right at the request of their customers, to ensure uninterrupted revenue. However, power problems can result in missed opportunities and loss of money. RG Beverly Hills Electrician services cover any electrical issues to help your business get back to work.

We are qualified electricians who are fully “armed.” We follow the NEC standards for providing commercial electrical repairs when it comes to safety, tools, and technology. Our services include:

  • System upgrades
  • Code upgrades
  • Panel Changes
  • Surge protectors
  • Phase troubleshoots
  • Lighting diagnosis
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Generator installation
  • Emergency service 24/7

You can be sure that we’ll provide quality work along with quick response times.

Electrical Services for Homes

A proper electrical system is one that is wired properly. If you are trying to DIY your lights, outlet, switches, and fuse box without success, contact us, and we’ll fix your electricals in a matter of an hour if the problem is small. If you need electrical panel installation in Beverly Hills, we can arrange it based on your needs and schedules.

Apart from repairs, we also provide maintenance service to avoid some problems growing into big ones. Often, we’ll identify minor mends, such as upgrading a wire, that saves you money in the long term. 

Some services we provide include:

  • Troubleshooting circuit breakers, fuse boxes, electrical distribution lines;
  • Checking every spot in your home for possible issues, including bathroom, hallways, and garages;
  • Inspecting a lighting remote controlled switch;
  • Surveying transformers and more.

We provide annual inspections and safety audits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Energy Efficiency in Electrical Installation

Does your heart shrink whenever the electricity bill comes? As your eyes stop on the price page, you can’t help but lash out.

How can you fight a high electrical bill? We can save you money by offering the best energy deal. It’s all about making energy-efficient electrical choices, and this is what we can do.

  • Install Led Lights. Upgrading your existing bulbs to LED lights can significantly cut your bills. You can consult with our Beverly Hills electrician to receive an accurate estimate.
  • Solar Panels. This new energy-saving solution is a trend throughout LA Metro Area. It’s no wonder because solar panels effectively save money on electricity. RG Electric can dispatch technicians who specialize in solar panels installation.
  • Smart switches. With smart switches, you can save up $200 a year. They turn on and off automatically and can be easily controlled from your smartphone. However, to make sure they save you money, you need to set them up correctly. Hiring an electrician to do the job is the best option. As a result, you will be saving around 500-1000 kilowatts each year and pay less for the electricity bill.

Money-Saving Installations for Businesses

  • Programmable thermostat. Does your thermostat provide hot water work even during off-office hours? To avoid energy wastage, you can take advantage of a programmable thermostat that automatically turns off when the office is empty.
  • Daylight harvesting. Another innovation to save energy is daylight harvesting or daylight response. How exactly does it work? Some areas in your office need more light and some less. Often, lights stay turned on even on a sunny and bright day. But why waste the energy? Instead, upgrade your office to a new system that will automatically dim or adjust the brightness of light in response to the level of natural light in the office room.
  • Occupancy sensors. These are becoming very popular in indoor office premises. They work detecting motion or presence of a person to automatically control – switch on or switch off the lights. 

At RG Electric, we are committed to delivering the service of advanced electrical upgrades in residential and commercial buildings. So, if you are considering electrical installations, first, let the Beverly Hills Electrician assess the energy consumption of your home or business.

Electrician Vs. Handyman

Many people wonder whether they should call a handyman or electrician to fix their electrical issues. Well, if the handyman is licensed to perform electrical work, then the answer is “yes.” Other than that, it will be deemed illegal.

Besides, in the event of a fire, you don’t want to run into a problem with the homeowner insurance company, to say the least. If the investigation confirms that the fire was caused by a problem in the electrical wiring installed by you or an unprofessional handyman, your insurance claim will be denied; make no doubt about it.  

Given the above, it’s in your best interest to hire a licensed contractor:

  • To avoid faulty and improper installations;
  • To increase the value of your house;
  • Save yourself the time;
  • Avoid a fire hazard and electrocution.  

24/7 Beverly Hills Electrician

Sometimes electrical systems require urgent attention. For example, a sparking or smoking outlet is an emergency that should be handled by professional electricians. But, regardless of your electrical emergency, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days in a year.

Don’t think twice about calling our emergency repairs team when there is a sudden blackout, power surge, a tripped circuit breaker, and flickering lights. We’ll inspect any damages and make necessary replacements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED lights safe?

LED lights are widely used in medicine for physiotherapies because they are void of ultraviolet rays. So, yes, they are very safe.

What is the lifetime of LED lights?

Based on some calculations, if used 8 hours a day, they can last 17 years. Their average life is around 50,000 hours.

How many solar panels are needed to power one house?

An average house consumes approximately 1000 kWh that translates into 25-30 panels.

Do smart switches run without Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a major drive for smart switches. Yet, if the Wi-Fi connection stops, it doesn’t mean that your smart switch will stop operating too. Instead, it will merely run on lower capacity, lacking key features without the internet connection.

Is the occupancy sensor and motion sensor the same?

Although many confuse the occupancy sensor with a motion one, they are different. The former is installed in the designated area to detect the presence of people. The latter only scans the moving objects. As a result, the motion sensor can’t detect an object that doesn’t move, while the occupancy one can respond to both.

What is the difference between a programmable thermostat and a smart thermostat?

The smart thermostat is also programmable but has one additional smart feature – it can learn your behavior over time and automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on your habits. 

Expert Tips

Need an electrician near you? RG Electric has electricians on its board that acquire extensive experience in electrical installation and repairs. The tips we share reflect their expertise to help you avoid dangerous situations. Don’t hesitate to contact our local electricians for any questions or concerns regarding your wiring. We’ve got you covered!

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