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What does TR mean on Electrical Outlet?

Are you wondering what TR Electrical Outlets mean on an electrical outlet? It stands for Tamper-resistant. RG Electric has provided a detailed explanation about Tamper Resistant Electrical outlets. Kids can be very curious and love to touch anything they see without knowing whether it is harmful.

About 2400 American children experience electrical shock from electrical outlets yearly. Most parents keep love to keep their eyes on their kids at all times, but what happens when they go close to an electrical outlet without your notice? Experts believe that installing tamper-resistant electrical outlets is the most effective way to protect your kids from being hurt by electrical outlets.

What Are Tamper Resistant Outlets?

Tamper-resistant electrical outlets offer protection to kids and prevent them from getting hurt when playing with electrical outlets. TR electrical outlets are designed with two spring-type shutters that ensure the slots stay close when a plug is removed. Once you insert a plug, the shutters compress to open the slots and allow the plug to fit in.

The shutters in tamper-resistant outlets only open when you compress both springs simultaneously. So if a curious kid puts a nail inside one of the openings, the outlet shutters will stay close. Tamper-resistant outlets provide safety for your home, especially for your kids.

Do you Need Tamper Resistant Electrical Outlets if you don’t have kids?

Since tamper-resistant electrical outlets help protect kids from electric shock when they play with electric outlets, does it mean you don’t need to install them if you have no kids? Of course not. It is always essential to protect your home, especially if kids visit. Apartments get occupied by new tenants, kids visit, and homes are sold. Therefore, it is critical for every home to have tamper-resistant outlets installed.

With time, little kids may want to find out what will happen if they stick a fork inside the outlet. The significance of having tamper-resistant outlets installed in homes cannot be over-emphasized. Modern electrical codes require tamper-resistant outlets to be installed in new apartment buildings and homes.

Are Tamper-Resistant Outlets Difficult to Insert a Plug?

Some people may believe that since tamper-resistant outlets are designed with spring-loaded mechanisms, inserting a plug may be difficult. However, that is not true because tamper-resistant outlets pose no difficulty or inconvenience. It is the same as inserting a plug into your regular electrical outlets. Once you insert a plug, the spring-loaded mechanism immediately lifts the shutters and ensures it fits in firmly.

Are Tamper-Resistant Outlets Expensive?

Due to their unique designs, tamper-resistant outlets may be more expensive than other regular electrical outlets. A home with around 75 outlets might cost about $40 if you were to install tamper-resistant outlets. That should be a small price to pay for the safety of your kids.

Are sliding receptacle covers or plastic caps an alternative to installing tamper-resistant outlets?

A study conducted about children’s s imitation of their parents when handling electrical components showed that 2 to 4-year-olds can remove a type of plastic outlet cap within ten seconds. Children who watch their parents can also learn to remove sliding receptacle covers. In addition, tamper-resistant outlets are highly effective in protecting kids from electric shock when they play with electrical outlets.

What are the benefits of tamper-resistant outlets?

Tamper-resistant outlets provide the following outstanding benefits to you and your family.

● Tamper-resistant outlets are easy to use

Despite their unique designs, tamper-resistant electric outlets are convenient to use.

● They are not-expensive

If the safety of your kids is to be measured, then tamper-resistant electric outlets are not expensive. Although they may cost a little more than regular outlets, their protective property cannot be quantified.

● More effective than plastic caps or receptacle covers

While plastic caps may offer temporary protective measures, tamper-resistant outlets offer more effective protection for your kids.

● They provide safety for your kids.

Tamper-resistant outlets protect your kids from experiencing an electric shock when playing with an electric outlet.

● Easy to install

Tamper-resistant electrical outlets may be easy to install if you have experience dealing with electricity. However, it is advisable to call a certified electrician to install tamper-resistant outlets in your home to prevent any accident.

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A faulty or substandard electrical outlet may expose you and your family to electrical accidents. RG Electric provides repair and installation services for different electrical panels, switches, and outlets. We also provide emergency services, install smoke detectors,  indoor and outdoor lighting, and more in Los Angeles.

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