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Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair Services

Are you looking for a reliable and competent electrical service to assist you with ceiling fan installation and repairs in your homes and offices? Well, you are in the right place. Here at RG Electricals, we give our all to ensure that our customers get the best service possible. It is our job to fix all that is broken with your electrical system and appliances. We have electricians with over ten years of experience who will be right at your doorstep with a single call. In addition, we provide excellent ceiling fan services at reasonable prices with no hidden costs. Our ceiling fan services include exhaust fans installation and repair.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are essential for enhancing ventilation and serving as lighting fixtures, and adding style to it. Ceiling fans are wonderful, but an expert must appropriately install them. Here at RG Electric, we provide electricians with expertise in installing a ceiling fan and ensure your ceiling fans’ proper functioning and efficiency. Over the years, with our expert services, we have earned the bragging rights of providing the best ceiling fan installation services in Los Angeles with your safety in mind. Our electricians are thorough with ceiling fan wiring, flush mount your fan, ensuring fan blades are well-proportioned for smooth operation.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

At RG Electricals, we also provide repair services. It’s possible that your ceiling fan has stopped working or isn’t turning on because it isn’t receiving power. The circuit breaker may have tripped or been turned off. In addition, internal issues, such as shot ball bearings or an overheated motor, could potentially cause your ceiling fan to cease working. While replacing a ceiling fan is always an option, repairing a ceiling fan is a much more affordable and economical alternative to replacing it entirely. If you still like your fan but aren’t performing correctly, our licensed electricians will fix it. We will handle your ceiling fan repairs with care and have it working in no time.

Replacing a ceiling fan

Is your ceiling fan damaged beyond repair? Are you looking to replace that rusty old fan? Do not worry; we’ve got you covered. RG Electric provides prompt replacement, repair, and maintenance. You can rely on us to replace your ceiling fan. Remember: the most important reason to replace your ceiling fan is for safety reasons! A ceiling fan that is too old or is mounted/wired wrongly might cause injury to you and your family and friends. Also, as a fan gets older, it may start to emit noises like buzzing, wobbling, and squeaking. These may all be signs that you need to replace your ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan installation costs

The average cost of ceiling fan installation in Los Angeles is $246, with prices ranging from $144 to $352. Installations difficult to obtain or intricate could cost up to $600—labor costs between $100 and $250. If you are installing several fans simultaneously, the service company can lower the cost per fan. RG Electric gives you a free estimate on fan installation projects, and we are transparent in our pricing and services.

Some DIY ceiling fan care tips

  • periodically check the motor
  •  clean the motor by using a vacuum to the crevices on top of the motor cover.
  • Use a ceiling fan motor cover to keep moisture and dust out.

Ceiling fans require oiling from time to time. You should lubricate your fans at least once every 5-10 years. Always use high-quality oil like the ones for high-speed motor shafts and bearings.

 MMotor’s vibration causes hum in ceiling fans. The volume of the noise depends on the mount, housing, and blades.

You need new wirework and a switch to install a ceiling fan, and a licensed electrician is qualified for the job.

Expert Tips

Need electrical repair tips? RG Electric is an expert on electrical installations and repairs. We have collected valuable guides about safety, codes, and other related topics to boost your electrical system know-how.

Have an electrical emergency? Contact us now!

Whether you experience an emergency at home or in your place of work, trust our fast responses and solutions to fix it for you.
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