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Electric Garage Heater – Which Is the Best?

A garage isn’t just a place where you park your car and keep a bunch of other items, especially if you are a person who likes to fix stuff. And it’s much better to work on some projects in a warm space. Even when everything else around is a mess, with an electric garage heater, it becomes a comfortable hobby workshop to piddle around. 

Read on about the benefits of electric heaters and how to choose the best model for your garage. You will also learn about things to consider before buying the right one. 

Why Electric Garage Heater

Apart from electric heaters, you can also find the so-called combustion space heaters that use fuels like kerosene and propane to create heat. There are also models that work on natural gas. Some even allow conversion from natural gas to liquid propane. However, in our view, these heaters have more drawbacks than benefits, such as introducing moisture and generating emissions. On the flip side, electric heaters:

  • are the simplest way to heat a garage;
  • don’t require ventilation;
  • can be used in other rooms when needed; 
  • generally don’t require installation;
  • are safer than combustion systems; 
  • require less maintenance.

Besides, electric heaters are 100% efficient, which means they use all the electricity to produce heat. Then, you may object and say that the electric heater in your garage will likely result in a high utility bill. Yes. But don’t forget about energy-efficient heaters, which we will discuss later in this article. Keep reading. 

Three Types of Electric Garage Heaters

So what types of electric garage heaters are available on the market? There are four categories. 


Fans are the type of forced air versions that generate heat and then circulate it using a built-in blower. If you are concerned about the cost of running an electric fan heater in your garage, let us tell you that most modern models have a setting to regulate the power output. Some come with a thermostat that can turn off the heating after the desired temperature is achieved. 

Ductless Mini-Splits

Like a fan, a ductless mini-split system is powered by electricity. It’s a perfect solution to warm up your garage if you plan to use it as an additional room. Many models have remote control and provide cooling in summer along with heating. 

Radiant and Infrared

Both radiant and infrared heaters don’t heat the air directly but are designed to provide immediate heat to surfaces, objects, and occupants. These types are a perfect solution for your cold garage if you are working on a short-term project. So when placed near, you will feel immediately warmer while it’s turned on and instantly cooler when it’s turned off.   

How to Choose the Best Electric Garage Heater

RG Electric offers tips on selecting the best electric garage heater. We based our choices on model features available currently on the market. 

Energy-efficient models

You can do without an energy-efficient model if you work in a garage occasionally. Otherwise, you should opt for the energy-efficient electric heater, which is good for your pocket and the environment. Look for the ones with an adjustable thermostat or heat settings LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH. 

Portable units 

Choose portable heaters that make it easy to move around your garage. For example, when you want to heat a specific area within your garage, like next to a car while changing the oil or fixing a children’s bike. Portable units are also an advantage when you want to store them away in the summer months. 

Ceiling and wall-mountable units

An electric garage heater that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling won’t take up floor space. It’s important that you choose the model that has overheating protection and a tip-over mechanism. When the heater falls from the wall, it shuts down the power to prevent fire. 

Models that produce even heat 

Units that have horizontal and vertical airflow will distribute heat evenly. They might not warm you up quickly as other models but will definitely provide comfortable and uniform heating throughout the garage space. 

What to Consider

Before purchasing an electric heater for your garage, consider the following: 

  • Electric models and outlet compatibility. While some garage heaters can work on a 120-volt outlet, others need a 240-volt power capacity. You may need to hire a qualified electrician to upgrade receptacles in your garage and install a 240-volt circuit breaker. 
  • The size of your garage. If you want to heat the entire garage space, you need to calculate the cubic feet of your garage to choose the best heater size. 
  • Safety. If the electric heater is on the floor, will it pose a hazard to someone who touches it? As mentioned earlier, it’s vital that you buy a heater with overheating protection and automatic shutoff. 

When Do I Need a Professional to Be Involved?

A traditional electric space heater for a garage is very easy to use. All you need is just an outlet to plug it in. However, you will have to hire an HVAC technician for a ductless mini-split system or an air-source heat pump. In the same vein, you will have to bring in a professional when it comes to a radiant heating system that is usually installed under the floor or ceiling.  

Finally, you should call a local electrician near you to ensure that your electric system is compatible with the electric garage heater you intend to use. If you have only one or two outlets, the electrician will add more receptacles, which is very convenient when using portable electric heaters.For professional assistance on using the right electric garage heater, please contact RG Electric at (323) 5215131. We serve our customers in the Greater Los Angeles area and will be happy to help you out with home comfort issues. 

Expert Tips

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