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Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace – Buying with Knowledge

Electric fireplaces have become mainstream these days. Indeed, there’s something special in cuddling up with a favorite book by the fire and enjoying the warmth of the flames. 

Whether choosing a traditional mantel design, wall-mount design, or fireplace insert model, you can be sure to find a décor option that precisely suits your home. 

As a specialist in electric repairs and installations, in this article, RG Electric will first answer the most common questions about electric fireplaces, then proceed with the pros and cons, wrapping up with the two top features to look for in modern fireplaces.   

What About Installation?

Installing an electric fireplace is easy and often doesn’t require a professional to be involved. You simply take the unit out of the box, follow the instructions, and plug it into the outlet. 

Are Electric Fireplaces 120 or 240?

Whether they need a 120 or 240-volt line depends on their maximum heat output. For instance, those with 1500 watts can run on a 120-volt circuit, while 2500 watts units need a 240-volt line. 

When Do I Need to Call An Electrician?

Electric fireplaces with a power capacity of over 1500 watts (usually models that generate heat) need a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse. This is an excellent advantage for older buildings and homes not designed to handle large electrical loads. And only a professional electrician can install a dedicated line. 

For illustration, units with 2000 watts meant to heat homes can be compared to electric boilers or ovens by consuming the same amount of electricity. However, when used 24/7 to maintain a warm temperature, it poses a potential risk if not connected to a separate circuit. And, plugging in a fireplace to an extension cord is not allowed.  

When planning to install an electric fireplace, especially a build-in model after remodeling or renovation, you should definitely consider a dedicated line. This will allow for an even distribution of the electrical load. Plus, an electrician will install GFCI or an automatic shutoff system in case of any issues with the device or the wiring itself.  

Contact our Los Angeles electricians to get a dedicated circuit installed in your house. 

Still wondering whether you should buy an electric fireplace? Read on about the pros and cons.

Pros of the Electric Fireplace

Here are the advantages.

Elegant design 

All models found today have different but unique designs, colors, and materials. Each will blend beautifully with the interior of the home. Simply choose the one that matches your home’s décor.

Saves space

Placing an electric fireplace in a house or apartment is not that difficult, and it doesn’t take up too much space. You can place a freestanding or wall-mounted fireplace anywhere without much trouble.

Ease of installation

You don’t need to hire a professional to install an electric fireplace. If you buy a standalone model, there’s no need to assemble or install it – place it in a suitable spot and plug in the power cord to start heating the home.

Make sure to choose a size that will fit comfortably in a living room without compromising the amount of space needed to move around.


Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric models are more durable because they require no fuel such as gas or wood. And they do not have a chamber like a traditional fireplace. In addition, the outer shell of the fireplace is coated with anti-corrosion paint and materials. This way, you are guaranteed to have a fresh and new-looking fireplace for a long time to come.

Easy to control

Most electric fireplaces come with remote control. Manual options are also available. 

No venting required

Electric fireplaces don’t create any flames, so venting isn’t required. 

Benefits of Heating a Room With the Electric Fireplace  

  • Rational heating. Since an electric fireplace dissipates heat directly without using a chimney, this ensures that no heat is lost and all heat is dissipated into the room.
  • Simple heat management. The modern models are equipped with a thermostat, so all you need to do is set the desired heating temperature. Electric fireplaces provide excellent heating, even better than traditional ones, thanks to efficient control.
  • Safe to use. Most people don’t want to keep gas or wood-burning fireplaces because they produce toxic carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. These residual gases are known as lethal and very harmful to the environment. But when it comes to an electric fireplace, your family is completely safe as no gas is emitted from the unit. If you have a family member who has breathing problems (asthma, allergies, etc.), this fireplace will be the best choice for them. Thus, it’s a better solution for families with small children.
  • Electrical conversion. Electricity is converted into heat by about 99%. This way, users are guaranteed a sufficient heating effect in their home anytime.
  • Ease of maintenance. Because electric fireplaces are not affected by combustion, they are easy to maintain as you don’t have to worry about fouling and soot removal. All you have to do is change the light bulb occasionally.
  • The retail price of an electric fireplace is relatively low compared to conventional fireplaces, plus you won’t incur high maintenance costs in the future.

Cons of the Electric Fireplace

Find out about the disadvantages before purchasing an electric fireplace. 

  • Electric fireplaces run on electricity. You won’t be able to use the fireplace during a power outage. So either you have to buy an alternative heating source or have a backup power source.
  • While they are fairly easy to install even without an electrician, some models will require more than one person to be involved.
  • The electric fireplace poses a significant danger when used with other appliances as they tend to draw maximum power. As a result, it may lead to electrical overload and even explosion. For safety reasons, you should call an electrician to wire a dedicated line.

Despite the drawbacks, we cannot ignore that their pros make up for the cons. They are safer for homes with pets and children as they emit no toxic gases and are safe to touch. Moreover, they are easy to operate and maintain.

RG Electric Top Features for the Electric Fireplace

When thinking about top features for the electric fire[lace, we first think about safety and efficiency. Along with the cozy ambiance look, consider the following two features. 

  • Double glass solution. The double glass provides an additional level of safety and doesn’t require a screen. Moreover, the double glass decreases the radiant heat reflected through the front of the glass. 

Home automation. Home automation is about saving technological innovation. Apart from convenience and safety, it offers energy-saving benefits. So make sure to pick a fireplace with home automation.   

Expert Tips

Need electrical repair tips? RG Electric is an expert on electrical installations and repairs. We have collected valuable guides about safety, codes, and other related topics to boost your electrical system know-how.

Have an electrical emergency? Contact us now!

Whether you experience an emergency at home or in your place of work, trust our fast responses and solutions to fix it for you.
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