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The Best Places To Install Outlets In Your Home.

There is no denying that electricity is something we cannot live without. Do you not think so? Try living 24 hours with no electric power. It will be an absolute nightmare! Here is the thing, electricity needs a conduit. Electrical outlets have been the perfect ”gateway” for us to receive electricity into our homes. The average American home has about 75 outlets. Still, in this case, it is not about the number of outlets you have in your house but the positioning of these outlets to maximize benefits and so your house will not be an absolute mess.  Suppose you have been wondering where to install outlets in your home, in this article. In that case, we will discuss some important places in your home that need electrical outlets in them.


The bedroom is one of the important places that you will need to have outlets in them. It is a place where you rest and spend a lot of time in. Therefore there would be the need to have your electrician install a couple of outlets there. Preferably one beside your bed, so you can conveniently charge your phone instead of walking across the room to do so. Factors to consider when deciding on the number of outlets in your room include;

the number of people who will be occupying that space (if two occupants, there must be two power outlets on each side of the bed),

there must be a high outlet for the television, 

an outlet at the learning table to allow space for the use of one’s laptop or computer,

Every bedroom will need a fan and lighting, so this also calls for outlets switches.

Living room

The living room is the next place in the home where we spend a lot of time in. After a stressful day, we unwind in our living rooms, so you need electrical outlets for your air condition, TVs, etc. The number of outlets will depend on how big your living room is. According to the National Electrical Code, an electrical outlet must be every 6 feet on a wall. In addition, there must be a power outlet for the television and radio. If you are using a lamp in your living room, get an outlet close to it. When installing outlets in your living room, try as much as possible to ensure that power outlets are not too far to reach.


The kitchen is obviously everyone’s favorite place. Why? Because that is where all our food is kept! Also, it brings the family closer in a lot of ways. Remember the fun you had baking cookies with your mum during Christmas. The standard electrical appliances in the kitchen include a fridge, coffee makers, electric stoves and ovens, microwaves, etc. These appliances will need power outlets to enable them to function. The NEC encourages 2 feet of space between outlets for devices that you will use on cabinets.


The next place you spend time in the home is the bathroom. The bathroom has fewer power outlets as compared to the other places in the house. There are few outlets in the bathroom because electricity can be dangerous when exposed to water. However, there can be either one or two outlets to charge electrical brushes and electric razors. 

Reading rooms or home office

We can compare reading rooms or home offices to the traditional offices or reading spaces outside our homes. So the usual items that are present in these public places may be available in your home office or reading room. Install outlets on the four walls that make up the space. It will provide easy access to them for whatever purpose is needed.


If you own a garage, there will be a need to install outlets in them. It is because your garage can be more than a storage room or parking space. These outlets will enable the use of electrical tools, give space to allow you to charge electric vehicles. If you do not own an electric car, you can conveniently power up your tools like the electric lawnmower.

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