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Pot Light Installation – How Much Does It Cost?

Pot lights in the electrical industry are known as downlights or can lights. This is a very convenient lighting design achieved by installing the fixture in the ceiling hole of the room. It’s quite popular in new constructions. So how much can you expect to pay for pot light installation? The answer hinges on a few variables, but the average cost to install up to three can lights will range between $250 to $500

Before going into detail, RG Electric will explain the factors affecting the final price. 

Labor Costs

Pot light installation by a professional will cost you money, and skilled electricians aren’t cheap. An hourly rate for electrical work is between $50 and $100, with the average sticking at $75

Installation Materials

The cost of the installation materials will take a large portion of the total cost of the installation. The materials must comply with the NEC requirements. RG Electric works only with high-quality materials to ensure safety and efficiency.

Light Fixtures and Amenities 

The cost of pot light will vary depending on the type and specifications of the light fixture. For example, if you are looking to upgrade recessed lighting to Spec-grade LED lights, it will cost you more than consumer-grade lights.

Typically, a high price points to better quality and more features, such as more options for light output, adjustable color temperature, etc. Finally, be ready to pay for dimmer or smart dimmer switches and a wireless bridge –hardware necessary for dimmer installations. 

Installation Time 

Another factor affecting the pot installation price is the time. The amount of time it takes to do the work will vary depending on many factors, like your ceiling height and type, the age of the home, what is above the room, and whether your room needs pre-wiring.

For example, tall ceilings require more time than low ceilings. Or, drywalls are easier to work with than plaster or wood ceilings. It will take less time if you have an attic above the ceiling where you plan to install lighting fixtures. However, the roof or a neighbor above you will complicate things. 

Recessed lighting installation usually takes 30 minutes to 2 hours per can light. 

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Permit Fees

You will need permission to install lighting in Los Angeles. But you don’t need to worry about that. As your licensed electrical contractor, we’ll obtain the permit from the local Building and Safety District Office covering your area. The pot lighting installation permit shouldn’t cost more than $50

Now, let’s sort out the cost of pot light installation. 

Sorting Out the Pot Light Installation Cost

  • A single can fixture will range from $10 to $60
  • Trim and light bulbs will cost between $20 and $60
  • Wiring (if applicable) – $100-$200
  • Materials for light fixtures – from $40 to $250
  • Add around $300 for the complexity of the installation
  • A single fixture in new construction – up to $500
  • In a ceiling with existing wiring – $70 to $180 per fixture
  • A dimmer switch costs $60 to $170
  • LED retrofit will cost you $10 to $50

We know what’s on your mind. After looking at these figures, you may consider DIY can or pot lighting. However, we do not recommend installing on your own because only a professional electrician has skills and experience working with electrical wiring. 

At RG Electric, we offer a full spectrum of electrician services for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting in Los Angeles and its suburbs. Even more, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We won’t offer you the lowest quote, but we promise reasonable and competitive rates for your home lighting project. 

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Expert Tips

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