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Here Is What You Need To Know About GFCI Outlets

Electrical installations have many components that come together to achieve the purpose of connecting our domestic and commercial areas with electricity. One of these components is the outlets. Outlets are what serves as conduits to power our electronic appliances. The regular outlets are more common, and the GFCI outlets are an advancement of the traditional outlets. In this article, we will be discussing GFCI outlets and understanding how they work.

What is A GFCI Outlet?

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, popular known as GFCI, is a new technology that has made its way into the market. You might have heard of GFI, and it has kept you wondering the difference. Ground Fault Interrupters is very similar to the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and they are just the same term. People often like to interchange them. The GFCI is an outlet that performs special abilities as compared to the regular outlets. Standard outlets perform the simple task of enabling connection to electricity for your electronic devices, but with this comes an often experienced downfall where the potential of getting electrocuted is high. It is where the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter steps in. The GFCI also allows you to connect your appliances to electricity. But should a situation happen where you are electrocuted, a device in the GFCI that senses this and cuts power flow from the circuit, saving your life? In addition, GFCI outlets help prevent fire because of how sensitive they are.

Safety measures to keep in mind when using a GFCI outlet.

We all know water and electricity are a dangerous mix, and any contact might lead to a disaster or an injury. GFCI outlets are like shock insurance and are safe to use in areas that regularly contact water. These areas may include bathrooms, poolsides, garages, laundry rooms, kitchen, etc. Installing GFCI outlets in these areas will save lives and prevent accidental fires. According to research, the average number of people who died from electrocution in their homes is around 800. However, there was a significant drop in this number with the introduction of the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. 

How to know if you have an outlet equipped with GFCI?

GFCI outlets have a  test and a reset button (and perhaps an indicator light) built right into the outlet. A standard 120-volt outlet has two vertical slots and a round hole centered below them.

The left slot is slightly larger than the right. The left slot is called “neutral,” the suitable space is called “hot,” and the hole below the slots is called “ground.”

How much you can expect to pay for GFCI outlet installations

When it comes to the cost of installing GFCI outlets, people tend to be skeptical about it due to the kind of special features it has. However, the cost of installation is quite reasonable. The type of work and the size of the project determine the price of installations. Most electricians charge around $122- $146 for a GFCI. This cost is not fixed and may vary depending on the state you live. So when installing such devices, do not swell on the cost but the benefit you will get from using these outlets.

We now know what Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are for electrical installations in our homes and commercial areas. It is best to use GFCI outlets in every part of our homes, especially when we have kids and pets. The technology in GFCI outlets keeps improving by the day, making it one of the practical components of any electrical installation that prevents electrocution and fire outbreaks.

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