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How To Choose The Best Electrician Tools

Electrical repairs and installations are impossible without tools. Electricians use them for every residential or commercial project to eliminate faults in the electrical system. RG Electric has asked its electrical technicians about the best electrician tools, and here’s what we’ve got. 

Although electrician tool kits vary, they typically include the following six items: 

  • Tester or multimeter
  • Insulated screwdriver 
  • Regular pliers
  • Knife 
  • Insulated tape
  • Soldering iron

Also, an electrician tool kit may have other additional tools, such as: 

  • Different types of pliers and strippers for gripping, twisting, and clipping
  • Indicator screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • Claw hammer 
  • Chisel
  • Insulating tapes in different colors
  • Spanners 

The best and the most expensive electrician tool kit has around 70 tools, a perfect set for major professional electrical repairs and installations.

Choosing the Best Electrician Tools 

How to choose the best electrician tools? It depends on the electrical needs. For example, to replace the light bulb, you only need your hands, but to identify a malfunction in the wiring – you’ll need a number of other tools. The six items listed earlier should be ample for a small home project. However, when it comes to a more serious problem, it gets more complicated here. 

There are two types of electrician tools – general and specialty. In addition, based on the kind of work, some are intended for repairs and maintenance, while others are designed for electrical installations and upgrades. 


Electricians use multiple sizes and shapes of screwdrivers to access electrical boxes sealed with screws. Electrician’s screwdrivers should be insulated and featured with a phase tester. Some of our electricians say that Phillips screwdrivers and those with flat heads are a must. Others find that screwdrivers with different nozzles in a box are the best solution for every electrical job. 

Pliers and Strippers 

Pliers and strippers allow electricians to work with wires – twist, bend and hold them. The blades of the side cut pliers are perfect for cutting wires, while strippers help remove the insulating outer sheath from cables to attach terminals to the central core through soldering. 

Testers and Multitesters  

A multimeter is a dedicated tool for every electrician. It is used to measure voltage, conductor resistance, and much more. 

In a situation when wires intended for measurement can’t be stripped, masters use a current clamp transmitter along with a multimeter. 

Electrical Tape 

An electrician tool kit must have electrical tape to insulate wires or other electrical systems that conduct electricity. The tapes are made from different materials and feature thickness, color, width, adhesion strength, and temperature tolerance. The colors indicate which wires electricians are working with. 

Tools for Electrical Installations 

Electricians prefer to use punches for house wiring. When cutting out the holes for outlets or switches by hand, the results are junk, and often they don’t fit perfectly. But outlet punches are very convenient and can produce perfect holes in a matter of seconds. 

Another helpful tool is a wall chaser used to cut channels in walls to install electrical wiring

Hammer, Tape Measure, and Personal Protective Equipment 

A hammer is a truly versatile and handy tool for an electrician at all stages of electrical work. For example, a claw hammer can handle fixtures like nails. 

Electricians use a tape measure for cable length and a lot of other stuff. 

Finally, electricians should wear sturdy goggles, insulated rubber boots, gloves, and a special uniform before trying to work on an electrical system. It is crucial to protect yourself from possible contact with bare wire.

Electrician Tool Kits – Convenience or Overkill?

So, we learned that every electrician needs to have an electrician tool kit, and it is more than convenience. 

A small set will do for minor electrical troubles, such as the failure of an outlet, including screwdrivers, pliers, strippers, insulating materials, and a multimeter.

For electrical installations and rewiring, an electrician will need specialty and power tools, such as: 

  • Crimper pliers set
  • Fish tape
  • Magnetic tip drivers
  • Impact driver kit
  • Cordless power drill
  • Fish tape
  • Conduit bender
  • Conduit cutter
  • Ratcheting wrench set 
  • Reciprocating saw 
  • Knockout set
  • And more 

If you are experiencing an electrical issue, don’t hesitate to call RG Electric. Our Los Angeles electricians are equipped to tackle a variety of electrical problems.

Expert Tips

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