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You Can Be Liable for Unlicensed Electrical Work

We have seen firsthand the extent of damages caused by individuals and organizations who attempted to revamp their electrical work all by themselves. We know it is a headache and we understand you will instead save the money for something else than get a qualified electrician who will most surely charge a hefty sum for something you consider ”minor”. Unfortunately you will be looking at more costs and a bigger mess if you choose to cut corners and do it yourself or hire a shoddy electrician to do it for you. An unlicensed electrician looking for a quick buck may charge you less. But consider that you will be liable for all damages if they don’t follow the local building code.

Why Local Standard Codes Were Established

Local standard codes are not there to look fancy but to regulate electrical work. You may encounter some contractors who will straight up refuse to follow local code. Still, you need to insist on due process to ensure that the electrical job done on your home is performed safely and effectively. Local code standards regulate that faulty wiring and connections can lead to short circuits or even an electrical fire, which puts your family at risk.

 Electrical technicians must operate with a license, secure permits, and schedule inspections for any completed projects. Unfortunately, many electricians are trying to skip specific code requirements, sometimes to finish a job quickly, get paid, and move on to the next thing. So they quote you a lower price but leave you liable for any damages that may occur. 

Reduces Your Liability

Your local government will most likely send an inspector to check out any ongoing electrical projects in the district. Unfortunately, if the work isn’t up to standard, you’ll have to remedy the problem before you pass inspection. In addition, if your electrician isn’t licensed, you will have to spend extra on rehiring new labor to redo the entire project. A worse possible scenario is your project being the cause of death, injury, or property loss; you can be looking at huge fines or a lawsuit. 

Working with licensed electricians is a safer bet. Because they are more cautious and motivated to follow the rules, the reason is, their license to operate is on the line if they don’t. In addition, if you work with licensed electricians, you have the added advantage of recovering funds should the electrical project not go as planned.  

Professionals do the job right

It is always best to hire only licensed electricians with permits and a proven track record of delivering high-quality work. In doing so, you are protecting yourself and your family because competent electricians will do the work right and safely.

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