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USB Port Outlets

Most devices, including Smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc., are charged using a USB port connected to a USB port. RG Electric looks at home installed USB outlets and gives you a detailed description of how they work? Their safety level and every other thing you need to know about USB port outlets.

You may be used to using your computers to charge your USB-enabled devices, but have you ever thought of installing an outlet in your home? Before you can get started, there are several things to know about USB outlets.

What are USB Outlets

As the name implies, USB outlets are specialized electrical outlets for charging USB-enabled devices like your smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, and more. Although traditional outlets are great, USB outlets also have advantages that make them desirable.

 Here are some of the advantages of over traditional electrical outlets.

● USB Outlets provide more charging power

If you are used to charging your devices using your laptop, you may be surprised that a USB outlet may charge your device faster. Although the difference may not be huge, it is significant enough to be noticed. The reason a USB outlet charges your devices faster is that it is connected directly to a power source. So, while your computer may offer you a portion of the total power it receives, a USB port offers you a full-power outlet.

● USB Outlets are durable

Although you may want to buy a charger with a USB port, that will be great for mobility. But in terms of durability, installing USB Outlets in your home is far more durable. While you may have to purchase several USB-enabled chargers within a short period, your USB port may last for a very long time if there is no electrical surge or damage to the outlet.

● USB Outlets have a better appearance and are less complex to use.

Using traditional electrical outlets to charge your USB-enabled device may require you to connect to adapters which may not be pleasant. With an installed USB outlet, you do not have to connect different adapters or external connectors.

Instead, you can connect your device directly to the USB outlet on your wall. Aside from being less complex, it has a better appearance and a cleaner look when installed by a professional electrician.

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Are USB Outlets Safe?

Since electrical outlets are connected directly to a power source and carry much power, will such outlets be safe to use? USB outlets are safe to use. The output power that enters each USB port outlet is reduced to 2.4amps to give a combined output power of 4.8 amps. However, some USB outlets have a smaller combined output power of 4.8 amps.

This reduces the power in each port to about 1.8 amps. USB outlets are designed to convert incoming voltage to 5volts, the standard voltage used in charging your devices, including tablets, smartphones, and other electrical USB-enabled devices. Therefore, not all USB outlets offer similar power outputs. Some USB outlets may supply a power output between 1.2 to 2.4 amps.

USB outlets with two USB ports can share the total power input and reduce the output by 50% when you plug in two devices simultaneously.

Are USB Outlets worth installing in your home?

Are you considering installing USB outlets in your home, but you are unsure if it is worth installing? USB outlets are worth installing because of several advantages it has over regular adapters and the use of computers to charge your USB-enabled devices. They are very durable, and you may not have to change them as often as you change your USB adapters. USB chargers are safe to use since the power output is reduced to a range compatible with your devices.

While you may forget where you kept your USB adapter and halt your charging, your USB outlet installed on the wall will always be available for you to plug in your devices. However, it is recommended that you contact a professional electrician to help you install your USB outlet for maximum output and a cleaner job. USB outlets also look great on your wall, and you can choose different designs.

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